• Critique

    “The true standout of the evening was Sébastien Guéze’s Romeo. Guéze is an up-and-coming tenor from France and he has a spectacular voice with a crystal clear upper register. His voice has a power and beauty that is rarely heard.
    Roméo is a difficult role to sing demanding a strong control of the upper register and the ability to go from forte to pianissimo on the high B-flats. Guéze handled this deftly and beautifully.”
    “The most Promising french tenor of the new generation.
    Fresh voice and passionate acting made for a thrilling performance.” (Bettina Mara)
    “Effervescent, natural and energetic, French tenor Sébastien Guèze is a rising young star in the international opera scene.” (Sebastian Spreng)
    Sébastien Guèze, a charismatic bundle of energy as Rodolfo, proved very well that he was one of the warm and caring sort in an immaculately-wrought “Che gelida manina”.

    When they came together for “O soave fanciulla”, they erupted wonderfully.” (Richard Wilcocks)
    “Sébastien Guèze turned out to be marvellous… he gave himself completely to the lyric and the passion that Gounod had ment for him. The start of the balcon scène was built out terrificly by Guèze, using soft half tones….the loving interaction between both was beautiful to look at.” (Peter van der Lint)

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    Best of Critics Romeo, Rodolfo - September 2017

  • Interview

    Opera Lively

    “I am always interested in seeing how each opera company that I am visiting is managed. What the political vision to develop new audiences is; the cultural actions to share art with the new generation; how the director is considering his team and artists to enhance the chemistry for the productions… For me these are the keys for an unforgettable show. How the theater works to improve the philanthropy… It’s very important for me that as much as possible people come to the theater, and to have a theater with open doors, giving the pulse to the city like its heart.”

    Opera Lively - Luiz Gazzola - October 2015

  • Interview

    Tutti Magazine

    “Dans un même décor, il suffit de changer ne serait-ce que de partenaire pour que le spectacle ne soit plus le même. Tout est question d’échanges et d’écoute sur scène. En revanche, sur le plan vocal rien ne s’efface, l’expérience s’accumule et votre voix évolue autant naturellement que par votre travail sur l’homogénéité et la musicalité. Je me suis toujours dit que j’atteindrais ma maturité vocale vers quarante ans. Je considère cet âge comme une sorte de période clé et je travaille en ce sens.”

    Interview by Philippe Banel - October 2014

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    Voix des Arts

    “When you are on stage and the time is suspended, stopped, you can do everything. You feel the maestro and the orchestra totally with you; the audience in a beautiful silence of listening. That’s magic, and I think that’s why people love opera so intensely when they taste these kinds of moments!”

    Interview by Joseph Newsome - December 2012